They call me Prince, but there’s nothing royal about me.

The son of hardworking immigrant parents, I’ve hustled for every dime, building a personal security firm brick by brick with the muscle and grit to live up to its promises. I keep my cool, protect the client, and don’t get involved.

Until a bonafide royal countess walks through my door—complete with a curse that only a Prince can break. She’ll demand more of me than I’ve ever had to give…

But I’m just the man for the job.  

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Chapter one

Someday… my prince will come…

But he could stow it for the moment.

Countess Edeena Saleri strode along the bright, cheerful corridors of the Charleston International Airport, slightly behind her sisters Caroline and Marguerite, half-disbelieving they’d finally made it. The six-thousand-mile flight from Garronia had taken nearly two months to arrange, every day fraught with anxiety that her father would realize that Edeena and her sisters weren’t merely heading off for a vacation, but attempting to create a beachhead from which at least two of them could start a whole new life.

A life that had nothing to do with the kingdom of Garronia—or any of its princely curses.

Now Edeena focused on her sisters as they chattered excitedly. They’d all agreed to only speak English from the moment they got on the plane for the final leg of their journey, headed for the United States. It wasn’t much of a hardship; the trio could speak Garronois, Greek, and English proficiently, and Caroline spoke a little French as well, mainly because there were so many French visitors to their little seaside kingdom. Marguerite had started and stopped a dozen different languages in college, as the mood struck her. Like most things for Marguerite, she could never settle specifically on one language that made her happy, so she simply chose not to choose.

But neither of her sisters would have to make any choices for a while, Edeena resolved. This journey would take them to their mother’s vacation home of Heron’s Point, one of the largest houses on Sea Haven Island, South Carolina, perfect for a getaway. In fact, they were just coming to the secured exit of the airport now, where waiting for them should be…

Edeena’s stride faltered, her heart jolting as her gaze connected with a pair of intense, laser-beam eyes from across the corridor. She recovered as smoothly as she could while her sisters exclaimed in delighted recognition of their family name, featured on the tablet held aloft by Laser-Beam’s partner.

The two men stood slightly apart from the others car service representatives. Though they were dressed in subdued dark suits, they seemed far more restless, more competent than their peers—they should, of course. They were more than limo drivers.

The shorter man smiled broadly at Edeena as she caught his eye, his dark bald head gleaming in the harsh fluorescent lights. Then his gaze locked on her sisters as if he was memorizing their stride, their faces, the very distance between them as they walked. Edeena forced herself to study him as well, though it had been the taller man who’d nearly bowled her over.

Was he Greek? He had to be Greek. But in South Carolina?

Regardless of his nationality, he looked Greek—as in Greek god, to be more specific. Tall, dark and ridiculously good looking, with all the confidence and charisma to go with it, the man was easily over six feet tall, with cropped tawny brown hair and bronzed skin, his muscular physique filling out his suit with impressive solidity. Dismay skated through Edeena as she took in his no-nonsense expression. She’d long prided herself on being able to overwhelm her staff, friends and colleagues by the sheer force of her personality. Frankly, she’d expected to be able to do the same with anyone sent by the security firm she’d hired to protect herself and her sisters while they vacationed in America. This man didn’t look easy to overwhelm, however. He looked like…

She stared at him a little longer.

Hot, she decided. He looked hot.



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