There’s no two ways about it. The Five of Pentacles is a difficult card to draw. As a Five, it means change above all—and as the imagery indicates, often this is not change for the better. The card depicts two sad characters, supplicants or beggars, huddled against the elements outside what appears to be a church with its brilliant stained glass windows. It’s a bleak image, and its message is equally challenging. At this time, you feel like you are receiving no support, no outside help, and are being dragged down by circumstances beyond your control. Sometimes, this feeling is unfounded, and you can turn yourself around with a positive attitude, but sometimes, you simply need to endure the difficult experience. However, as with most of the Tarot, there is a ray of hope: the beautiful stained glass indicates that assistance is available, if only you follow the light…in this case, the light of your spiritual practice, whatever that might be. So if you draw the Five of Pentacles, acknowledge the difficulty of your current situation, and then seek your path out of this challenge by opening your heart to receive abundance from a higher power…whether that power lies within you, or outside of you. Ultimately, this card becomes one of TRUST–knowing that things will improve, generally far beyond your wildest expectations.