The Six of Pentacles is one of the most reassuring cards in the minor arcana, because it’s all about getting what is due to you. Granted, if you have been loaned money you may find that this loan is coming due, but most of the time this card symbolizes that whatever you’ve put out in the universe is coming back to you three-fold. Positive thoughts, forward-moving action, and sincere effort is all rewarded here, with the universe showering you with gifts. When you draw the Six of Pentacles, consider your own situation. If you don’t have any outstanding debts that you’ve been avoiding, you will almost certainly receive the blessings of the universe in some way. If you do have a debt, you may find the funds to repay it appear in an unexpected way. Pay attention, too, to how you can help others who are less fortunate. Anything you give is ultimately a gift to yourself.