Justice is the card of ultimate balance in the Tarot—balance, and fairness. That doesn’t necessarily mean kindness, of course. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, Justice is at perfect rest, one hand holding a sword aloft and the other dangling a set of perfectly balanced scales. The inference is clear: justice will be decided calmly and rationally, and then will be enforced with the swiftness of a slashing blade. The individual sitting in judgment on the Justice card is completely symmetrical as well, flanked by enormous pillars. Steady on, is the message here, you’ll get what you deserve. When you draw the Justice card, be prepared for a loan coming due, or a long-awaited answer being provided, or the other shoe to fall. You will get what you deserve. It’s not a card that’s necessarily good or bad—it all depends on what has brought you to the point of asking the question.