RW7wandsThe Seven of Wands depicts a young man holding off the attacks of other from a position of power. He’s loose and easy in his manner–he’s got this. Accordingly, this card indicates that you are in a position of power in an upcoming confrontation or business negotiation or work project… but the fight still continues. Perhaps you need to buckle down and push through to hit a deadline, or “hold off” all the other distractions that try to lure you from your goal. This card is sometimes referred to as the Writer’s card, and it carries with it an energy that implies that the battle is one you’re more than willing to fight. You can do this!

In a reading, this card guides you to commit to the battle at hand, because you’ve got what it takes to succeed. You’re up to this challenge, so go ahead and take the plunge. In a relationship reading, you may find yourself at odds with your partner – or you may have a rival for his or her affections. Get clear on what you really want before you act.