So many options for this card, so little time. First and foremost, the Hierophant is about tradition and orthodoxy. It’s Big Blue, the Ivory Tower, the Borg…anything that’s large and highly structured is favored here, so think the halls of academia, cathedrals, and corporate headquarters. If your reading touches on any aspect of those, pulling this card indicates that you’ll either find yourself taken in by a large organization, chosen by them for advancement OR you’ll perhaps chafe under the confinement of such a place.

Unless… with its overtly religious overtones, the Hierophant can also mean a structure of an entirely different sort, one not on this Earth. I’m talking the hierarchy of angels, other spiritual planes, the Universe, Spirit, however you roll. You’ll need to look to the surrounding cards to see if this meaning applies in your situation, or look no further than your question. If you’ve asked “are the angels on board with me doing this?” and you’ve pulled the Hierophant, consider yourself approved.