When the Two of Cups shows up in a reading, nearly everyone breathes a sigh of relief—whether the question is about romance, career, or health concerns. Why? Because this is the card of contracts made and honored, balance and harmony. Often considered the “marriage” card of the Tarot, when this Two shows up in your reading expect to come to some agreement with either a business partner, client, or loved one. You could get engaged or married, or you could find your soul mate or best friend, but no matter what, you’ll see eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart with this important significant other. If a specific union isn’t currently in play for you, the card becomes one of enjoying social activities with friends. You could get hired, get accepted to college, get a raise or promotion…or both. Bottom line, look to keeping things on an even keel for your highest success, because harmony rules with the Two of Cups!